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Photography Online Courses Want to know how to take those beautiful photos found in magazines?
online photography courses Sick of always shooting in "Auto" mode with your new DSLR?
Photography Lessons online Would you like having a real pro photographer as your personal tutor?
online photography classes Are you a photography beginner wanting to learn how to take better photos "step-by-step"?
online photography classes Would you like to take prize-worthy photos and perhaps make money with your camera?

Dear Photography Lover,

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, it's time to enroll in our interactive online photography course and learn how to take better photos. Discover how over 11,000 students worldwide improved their photography skills with Proud Photography.

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What you get:

Instant access to the photography course Instant access to 13 comprehensive interactive online photography lessons (class curriculum).
Own personal tutor Your own personal tutor. All our tutors are real working professional photographers.
Unique feedbacks Unique constructive feedback on each of your assignment photos.
Discussion with tutors Opportunity to discuss all photography related questions with your tutor.
No deadlines Work completely in your own time & pace in our in-depth online photography training.
Photo competitions Chances to enter exciting photo competitions and win prizes.
iPad, Mac and PC friendly iPad and tablet-friendly. Study on Mac or PC.
Unbeatable warranty Unbeatable one year money-back guarantee. Not happy? Do not pay!
International students accepted International students welcome.
Photo competitions FREE Bonus #1 Camera Profits eBook to help you make money with photography.
Free photo gallery FREE Bonus #2 500MB online photo gallery to show off your images to the world!


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Perfectly Suited For:

  • complete beginners with absolutely none or limited photography experience
  • amateur photographers wanting to take their photography to the next level
  • all others who wish to brush up their photography basics or enhance their technical skills

In our Online Photography Courses, you'll learn how to take absolutely perfect photos in every single situation!

Low light? No problem! Fast-moving subject? No problem! Want your pictures look like those in the magazines? No problem! Finally gain complete control over your camera. You and your friends will be dazzled by your expert photography skills in such a short time!

We give you far more than other online photography schools
- for far less money.

You're free to work at your own pace! You won't have to worry about a classroom full of other students slowing you down or having to drive to class when you have a busy schedule. Proud Photography Online Courses and our tutors are always here.
You'll get your own personal tutor when you enroll in the class. Your tutor will be there not only to assist you during your studies providing constructive critique on your assignment photos, but he's also happy to answer all your individual questions you may have. With us, you'll get your feedback within just 2 days (often earlier) as opposed to several weeks in some other online photography courses.
No special skills required. The techniques you'll learn are adaptable to any type of camera. You can be a total beginner in photography or experienced amateur.

Take fantastic photos, or it'll cost you NOTHING
with our generous 1 year 100% money-back guarantee!

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1-Year Money Back Guarantee!
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Upon completing Proud Photography comprehensive 13-segment online photography classes, you will receive an official Certificate of Completion.

"I couldn't find any better-priced photography course online!"

Proud Photography's specialized training goes far beyond other online photography courses. We don't just gloss over the basics in a few classes, take your money and run. We cover everything, from the most important basic techniques to how to take the best photos in very specific situations. We will be around when you need us.

Our pros are with you every step of the way through HUGE 13 in-depth units.
This is far more than any other online photography school out there!

Elisabeth Ansley
"Hi Proud Photography,
I just wanted to let you know that I completed your program about 3 years ago and in that time I have done tremendously well in photography.

see Elisabeth's photos

I dabbled in a portrait business and also exhibited my work in several exhibitions including a solo show in a US Congressman's office, but I just wasn't satisfied. I started shooting images for use on novels and I now have over 60 major book covers throughout the world. Thank you so much for your program you really kick started something wonderful in my life!"
~ Elisabeth Ansley, Plymouth, Minnesota

Susan - Online Photography Courses Student
"We enjoy taking family vacations in wild and scenic lands all over the U.S. I mean, places that are postcard worthy. But all the pictures I would take of these awesome landscapes were just hum-drum.
Then I found your online photography courses. You had two whole segments devoted just to travel photography - namely landscapes, sunsets and water reflections. Just what I was looking for! As a matter of fact, a postcard company purchased one of my images! Now I'm earning income from my hobby!"
~ Susan McElwee, Montana

Here's just an outline
of our online photography course's syllabus:

1. Introduction to Photography
  • You'll get a comprehensive overview of today's camera designs and capabilities.
  • Proud Photography will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about lenses, from prime to wide angle to fisheye to zoom to telephoto to macro.
  • We'll cover accessories and gadgets galore: filters, tripods, monopods, cable releases, flashes and exposure meters. We'll sort out what is what, and show you which ones you need to achieve the look you're aiming for.
2. Digital Photography
  • We'll show you all the ins and outs of film vs. digital--all the advantages and disadvantages of each, so you can make the right choice for your purposes.
  • We'll discuss the film speed of 35 mm vs. the sensor in digital cameras.
  • Our pros will help you take the mystery out of digital images: dots per inch, JPEG or TIFF file formats, file sizes, appropriate compression settings, megapixels and more!
  • Proud Photography will even show you what digital retouching possibilities are possible right on your very own PC.
  • You'll learn the difference between color modes: When to use RGB, and when to use CMYK.
  • We'll offer tips for the safest and most efficient printing and storage, such as whether to print at home or in a photo lab, and whether to save to disks or flash drives.
3. Exposure: Shutter Speed
  • Proud Photography will provide you with detailed explanations and instructions of this crucial aspect of top-notch photography-not just a confusing, incomplete overview.
  • You'll learn all the exposure modes and techniques, from shutter priority shooting to fast and slow speeds and more!
4. Exposure: Aperture
  • As with the critical details of shutter speed, Proud Photography will equip you with detailed explanations and instructions for the aperture.
  • You'll learn everything you ever wanted to know about depth of field.
  • Our pros will teach you about multiple metering modes: spot metering, auto exposure lock, how to get the perfect exposure, hand-held exposure meter, and more!
  • And you'll learn all about bracketing!
5. Composition
Attractive composition is the most primary hallmark of any beautiful photograph!
  • You'll learn the rules of good composition: the rule of thirds, perspective, foreground and background balancing, and more!
  • Proud Photography will show you how to select the correct viewpoint and lens to attain attractive composition.
6. Light
Lighting is one of the most basic nuances of any photograph. Proper lighting can make or break your photo. Composition means nothing if the lighting is out of kilter!
  • We'll show you all the tricks of how to work with artificial lighting, and how to adjust your flash settings accordingly. You'll learn how to avoid those looming shadows jumping in the background.
  • Our pros will even show you how to work with mixed natural and artificial light!
  • At Proud Photography, you'll learn how to take stunning night lighting and low-light photos.
  • We'll even teach you all the fine details of flash and studio shooting, such as how to use diffused lighting to soften your subject's features.
7. Shooting Black and White
  • You'll learn the difference between shooting in black and white for film or digital.
  • And Proud Photography will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about black and white film!
  • We'll even make you privy to why you should use black and white filters.
8. Travel Photography I.
  • In this first segment of specialized travel photography, we'll show you how to make the most of low-light situations to capture the most sought-after travel photos: sunrise and sunset!
  • Our pros will show you how to make optimum use of filters.
  • You'll be privy to how to attain the most beautiful landscape composition. Our goal is to turn you into the next Ansel Adams!
  • You'll learn special techniques to use for extreme weather conditions. That raging storm is a fascinating subject!
  • You'll see how to make people and landscapes leap off the page!
  • Proud Photography will show you all the tricks to capture the unique beauty of seascapes.
  • You'll learn how to maximize the mesmerizing reflections of still water.
9. Travel Photography II.
In the second segment of this specialized training, we'll teach you how to capture the most sought-after travel images:
  • Mesmerizing sky images
  • Mind-blowing reflections
  • Intriguing locals and workers
  • Stunning architecture--interior and exterior!
  • Tantalizing night scenes
  • Lifelike flora and fauna
  • Frame-worthy still life and patterns
  • Local events laden with fascinating characters, including carnivals and parades
  • Plus, you'll learn how to take great holiday family photos that are beyond the ordinary! From shooting in full sunlight to composing party shots, you'll have it covered.
10. Portraits
From formal seated portraits to personality-capturing informal shots, your photos will look like they were created in a professional studio!
  • Our pros will show you which backgrounds to use to bring out the subject's natural personality.
  • You'll see which viewpoint is best to use.
  • We'll provide you with helpful makeup techniques so your subjects look better than ever before.
  • You'll learn all the ins and outs of proper lighting for studio shots to accent the subject's preferable features.
  • Proud Photography will even show you how to take high-key and low-key portraits, manipulating darkness or lightness.
11. People and Their Environment + Abstract Photography
In this special segment, you'll learn how to vividly capture people in a multitude of environments.
  • You'll learn how to use natural lighting to your advantage when outdoors - as well as what angles to avoid.
  • Poor weather? Never fear!
  • Our pros will teach you the tricks to take candid photos that capture the distinct personality of your subjects and their activities.
  • You'll learn how to capture the awe-inspiring, unparalleled beauty of mother and child.
  • People who view your photos will squeal with delight when they see how you capture babies and children at play!
  • You'll learn to see the regal appearance of older people and capture it majestically.
  • And we'll show you how to take breathtaking close-ups and compose artistic details.
12. Insiders' Tricks and Techniques
This segment alone is worth the cost of the entire Proud Photography Online Course! You'll learn all the ins and outs the pros use:
  • Using high ISO in low light
  • Super-creative fisheye photography
  • Zoom lens tricks
  • Amazing macro photography
  • How to use special filters, from multiple image to soft focus to color to polarizing
  • How to use fill-in flash and reflectors
  • How to use slow sync flash
  • How to create multiple exposures on one frame of film
  • The proper way to shoot against the light
  • How to piece together multiple panoramic shots
  • How to capture inspiring fireworks
13. Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them
At Proud Photography, we go beyond showing you what to DO, and also show you what NOT to do! We'll show you how to avoid:
  • Underexposure and overexposure
  • Lens flare
  • Bad framing
  • Poor focus
  • Red eye
  • Camera shaking
  • Annoying reflections
  • Dust on the sensor or lens
  • Taking the mystery out of lens obstruction
  • Low-quality digital images from using the wrong file parameters


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Here's to prize-worthy photographs!

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