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3 Fashion Photographers you should know Part 3

stockxchng-meet-jill-stock-photo-by-pushbeyondFashion Photography is always changing and although there are new photographers making a name for themselves all the time, there are also the seasoned experienced photographers that regularly feature in the most high end magazines like Vogue and Tatler because of their consistently striking images.

Let’s take a look at three living Fashion photographers whose work you will find in many magazines that are currently on the shelves, but that also have a high quality feel and edge to their work.

1.    Steven Meisel

Steven Miesel is an American photographer who has worked with some of the most famous supermodels and actors in the world.  He is even credited for discovering some of the worlds most famous Supermodels though his beautiful photographs, like Christ Turlington, Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell.

He is well known for his extensive work for Italian and US Vogue even today.  He has been considered a protégé of Anna Wintour, the current editor of American Vogue.

His favorite photographers included Irving Penn and Richard Avedon.  Like his idols, his shots have a high level of clarity and minimalism when necessary, but he also plays with convention and politics.

Recommended Reading:

Sex/Madonna by Madonna (photographed by Steven Meisel)

Steven Meisel: Spezial Fotografie by Steven Meisel

2.    Patrick Demarchelier

Perhaps one of the greatest living Fashion photographers is Patrick Demarchelier.  Born in France, he was given his first camera at the age of 17 and after leaving for New York; his work caught the attention of high end fashion magazines like Marie Claire and Elle.

Demarchelier has worked with various magazines and big name brands like Chanel, Gucci, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Louis Vuitton.  He has shot covers for other kinds of magazines too such as Life and Newsweek, which shows his versatility as a portrait photographer.

He has also worked with the biggest names in modeling like Christy Turlington and Cindy Crawford – he has also launched the careers of many well-known stylist and makeup artists.

Recommended Reading:

Patrick Demarchelier by Patrick Demarchelier and Anna Wintour

Patrick Demarchelier by Patrick Demarchelier

Forms by Patrick Demarchelier

3.    Nick Knight

Nick Knight is a British born photographer who has worked for various designers and magazines, as well as photojournalism.  His first published book was called ‘Skinhead’ – a collection of black and white images documenting the so called ‘skinheads’ from a part of England and understanding their way of living.

He has gone on to work for brands like Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein and Alexander McQueen.  He has worked for magazines like i-D and The Face (cutting edge editorial) and traditional titles like Vogue and has shot for Pirelli. Knight also works with as many models as he does celebrities. He currently owns a company called Show Studio which broadcasts live fashion.

Recommended Reading:

Nick Knight by Nick Knight

Skinhead by Nick Knight

British Fashion Designers by Hywel Davies and Nick Knight

Knightnight by Nick Knight

August 14, 2015

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