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3 Fashion Photographers you should know Part 4

stockxchng-asian-theme-fashion-shoot-5-stock-photo-by-agastechegToday we will look at three more highly influential and important fashion and portrait photographers.  Their work is so well known and often crosses the lines of art and fashion, old and new and challenges viewer expectations. Here are three fashion photographers who are still alive and their work continues to inspire.

1.    Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz is an American born photographer who has produced some of the most well known celebrity and fashion images.  Her collaborative work with Vanity Fair magazine goes on to this day producing some controversial images.  Her forte is focusing on the subject, creating a strong bong and creating elegant, high quality images.

Noted photographs include a heavily pregnant Demi Moore in the nude, a Rolling Stone cover featuring John Lennon and his wife, Yoko Ono taken on the day of his murder, a picture of Whoopi Goldberg in a bath full of milk, and most recently, a picture of country pop stat, Miley Cyrus on the Vanity Fair cover draped in a sheet.  Controversy was around as Miley was 15 at the time leading to Annie commenting that the photograph had been “misinterpreted”.

Recommended Reading:

Annie Leibovitz at Work by Annie Leibovitz
A photographer’s life – 1990 – 2005 by Annie Leibovitz
American Music by Annie Leibovitz
Photographs 1970 – 90 by Annie Leibovitz
Women by Annie Leibovitz

David LaChapelle

American born photographer, David LaChapelle is known for his fashion photography although he also works as a director.   In contrast to a lot of other well know fashion photographers, LaChapelle focuses on the absurd and over the top, creating a sense of humor in his images.  His work also makes the most of digital manipulation, creating surreal scenes filled with people and different landscapes.

When working with celebrities, La Chapelle is not afraid to play with convention and comment on the image of the celebrity. He has also directed music videos for a number of celebrities like Elton John and Jennifer Lopez and has moved on to documentary work.

Recommended Reading:

Heaven to Hell by David LaChapelle

Hotel LaChapelle by David LaChapelle

LaChapelle Land by David LaChapelle

David LaChapelle by Gianni Mercurio and Fred Torres

David Bailey

David Bailey is an English Photographer who became a fashion photographer for Vogue in the 1960s.  Therefore many of his iconic images come from the swinging sixties, photographing the supermodels like Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton and popstars of the time.  He said of his own work that he has always aimed for simplicity, so that his pictures don’t date over time.

One of his most iconic images was the infamous Kray Twins in his publications ‘Box of Pin-Ups’ – due to controversy there was no second edition was printed and that the it failed to appear on the American market at all.

David Bailey has also produced many CD covers for artists like Oasis and The Rolling Stones and has crossed over to creating videos and advertisements for various companies.  The film Blow Up (1966) is said to be based on the life of Bailey.

Recommended Reading:

Eye by David Bailey

Chasing Rainbows by David Bailey

NY JS DB 62 by David Bailey

If we were Shadows by David Bailey and George Melly

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