3 Great Photographers You Should Know: Landscapes Pt 1

stockxchng-vintage-camera-3-stock-photo-by-bjearwickeWhen you take up photography as a hobby or with dreams of become a professional, the chances are you were inspired by another photographer to begin with.  Many of us see powerful photographs every day, in books, magazines, cards, television and these enter our psyches, even if we don’t know it.

So if you love photography, if you want to learn and be inspired then look at other photographers work.  Whether they are from the last century or from last year, you are bound to find something you like.

This week we will be looking at some legendary Landscape photographers.  Even if landscape isn’t necessarily your thing, this doesn’t mean you won’t appreciate the quality of the work of these world class photographers.

Remember that these are just short introductions to encourage you to do further research and reading.

1. Ansel Adams

Perhaps the most legendary Landscape photographer of all is Ansel Adams, an American photographer who is most well known for his imagery of the Yosemite National park (with stunning waterfalls, streams and granite cliffs).  His most famous works are black and white, often with many levels of depth and contrast.

He cared highly about the environment, something that comes across in his photography.

He also helped develop the Zone System, which is a way of deciding the best film exposure and development for a photograph.  Technical skill is something Ansel Adams was famed for, and he had worked as a consultant for world famous photography companies like Hassleblad and Polaroid.

His work is so popular that even today; calendars are printed every year featuring his work.

Books for further reading:

Ansel Adams’ 400 Photographs by Ansel Adams
Examples: Making of Forty Photographs by Ansel Adams
The Ansel Adams Guide: Basic Techniques of Photography by Ansel Adams and Paul Schaefer

John Sexton

John Sexton, an American Photographer, assisted Ansel Adams for many years before forging a name for himself as a fine art photographer.  His landscape images also tend to be black and white and encompass images of nature but also of the industrial landscape.

He directs the John Sexton Photography Workshops and regularly teaches aspiring photographers.

Books for further reading:

Recollections: Three Decades of Photographs by Arthur Ollman and John Sexton
Listen to the Trees by John Sexton
Quiet Light by John Sexton

3. Bill Brandt

Bill Brandt is a German born British photographer known for his nudes and landscapes of the UK.  He was the assistant for legendary photographer Man Ray and is well known for his documentation of British Life during World War II.

His nudes are also highly commended and are known for their unusual angles and perspectives.

Books for further reading:

Bill Brandt Photo file by Ian Jeffrey
Home Fit for Heroes: Photographs form 1939-43 by Bill Brandt
Nudes by Bill Brandt

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