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About Proud Photography

Established in 2007, Proud Photography is an online photography school that provides one of the best courses available to improve your photographic skills. With the rapid development in technology over the years, almost everybody owns a camera today, filled with hundreds of photos of themselves and their loved ones. Unfortunately, hardly a few truly have the know-how and skills to capture amazing photos.

We aim to assist you in learning the art of photography through our comprehensive courses where you’ll learn all the techniques and tricks to take extraordinary photos, regardless of the type of camera you may have. Everyone has the ability to reach their full potential, all it requires is the right direction and guidance, which we can provide. Of course, your questions are always welcomed too!

Our team of professional photographers/instructors will be at your side all the way through. Their vast expertise, coupled with our personalized training and valuable critique, will transcend your photography to a whole new level. Proud Photography is much more than just training – it’s a place where you can learn, grow and inspire! Students from around the world are welcomed to enroll in our courses, and once we’re done with you, we promise taking mind-blowing photos won’t really be a problem!

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