Experience the revolutionary HDR photography course and learn Aurora HDR 2017 in a shortest span of time.

Each lesson is packed with bundles of helpful information, specifically designed to teach you the skills required to master HDR photography with Macphun’s amazing Aurora HDR 2017.

To ensure each lesson stays fresh in your memory, we actively conduct interactive online quizzes after every lesson.

Not only that – your skills will be put to the test on a regular basis by giving you practical assignments and homework in each lesson.

Learning how to take images for HDR processing is a key component to a good HDR photography

Let’s face it: HDR is not just about the software alone. Surprised? If your photo isn’t planned and shot using a proper technique, the results will never be as impressive as they could be.

There are lots of different factors to consider; stabilization, range of tones in the scene, motion of the subject or number of exposures to take for the best representable range.

All of the above and much more is covered in the course so that your results are perfect every time.

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Learning the art of HDR photography can be a challenge. After all, there are numerous concepts and techniques that can intimidate new photographers.

However, we make the whole learning process easier and train you how to use the Aurora HDR software to its full potential and create extraordinary HDR photos, just like the pros do.


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Aurora HDR 2017 Course Outlines:



What is HDR Photography?

What’s Great About HDR and When to Use It

Homework 1

Quiz 1


Shooting Photos for Processing as HDR Images – Part 1

The Camera Settings

What Scenes Work Best for HDR

Assignment 2

Quiz 2


Shooting Photos for Processing as HDR Images – Part 2

Two types of HDR processing – Natural and Creative

Assignment 3

Quiz 3


Processing Creative Images in Aurora HDR

Base-level HDR Tone Mapping

More Slider Tool Groups

Getting Your Images Out of Aurora HDR

Assignment 4

Quiz 4


Processing Natural Landscape Subjects

Natural Processing Techniques

Color Toning and Making Things Look Natural

Homework 5

Quiz 5


Using Layers, Masks and Advanced Tools

Using the Brush Tool in Combination with Layers

Assignment 6

Quiz 6


Shooting HDR – Black & White, Portraits and Panoramas

HDR Portraits

HDR Panoramas

Assignment 7

Quiz 7

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