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  • Why is there a lag between pressing the shutter and taking the photo?

    August 26,2007 / Articles / 0 Comments

    This is a common problem with compact flash cameras as it takes a smal amount of time for your camera to judge the correct exposure, shutter speed, focus and other settings. What to do? The best...

  • ProudPhotography Camera Store online!

    July 26,2007 / Articles / 0 Comments

    I'm glad to announce that ProudPhotography now has an online store for photographers! Thousands of new and used products delivered to your door. Product range is so large that I cannot possibly...

  • Get better printouts

    July 11,2007 / Articles / 0 Comments

    Printer configuration - tell printer what you're doing It's all very well supplying your printer with glossy photo paper, but if it doesn't realise what you're using it can't deliver optimum...

  • Macro Photography

    July 07,2007 / Articles / 0 Comments

    Just about every digital P&S camera today has a macro mode which allows it to focus in on a subject that is extremely close to the lens. Some models only let you get as close as 5 inches but...

  • Tips: Flash & washed out colors

    July 06,2007 / Articles / 0 Comments

    If you're taking a close-up shot, you might find that the flash is simply too powerful. There are a few techniques that you can use to avoid this. try standing back and using zoom lens to get...

  • Attach photos to your blog

    July 05,2007 / Articles / 0 Comments

    Attach photos to your blog! what a surprise!

  • Samsung Launches G800 5-megapixel Camera Phone

    March 23,2007 / Articles / 0 Comments

    Samsung has launched today the G800 5-megapixel camera phone with 3x optical zoom. As multi-megapixel camera phones become more and more popular, the needs of actual digital camera-like features...

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