Christmas Morning Photo Tips

With Christmas morning coming in a few short days, it is time to start planning your shots that will capture the excitement of the morning. Christmas morning is often full of little ones brimming over with excitement and activity. While this can be fun to watch, it can make it difficult to capture quality images of the events. Most parents want some memorable images from the morning that they can have as keepsakes but with all these challenges, it might be helpful to use the following tips.

The first challenge to getting great Christmas morning pictures is often the kids. Kids are usually impatient by nature, but add a stack of unopened presents to the event and their patience is nearly nonexistent. Getting the kids to slow down is essential to capturing good images. One way to slow down the pace is deciding a gift opening order. If each person has a turn opening one gift, you will have more time setting up your shot to capture the event. Make sure everyone knows that you are taking their picture with each gift and that the next person in the opening order cannot open their gift until you have finished taking pictures. You will have better pictures and a better experience overall if everyone can take time to enjoy and share their presents, one by one.

The next Christmas morning challenge is often creating images that are keepsakes. Most families rush to the tree with their pajamas on and hair uncombed, creating less than ideal conditions for capturing memorable images of family members. Some photographers would shy away from these conditions. Many families attempt to cover up the unpolished look of Christmas morning by wearing matching pajamas.  The result is often impersonal and bland, with the final images failing to capture the individuality of each family member and also making it a poor option for a keepsake. Instead, embrace the disheveled look for Christmas morning but contrast it with a bit of staging to create a more polished sense. For example, let the kids run downstairs in their usual pajamas with their hair uncombed, but stage a posed picture of them standing on the stairs. Your final image will capture their individuality while also being a keepsake that you will be happy to look at in the future.

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