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Cityscapes at Night Part 1

stockxchng-budapest-stock-photo-by-magurkaHome or on holiday, the busy inner cities have a lot to offer photographers in the day and during the night.  In the busier cities, the night brings things to life; things become illuminated, things become exaggerated.  People and passing cars become blurring lines in an otherwise static photograph.  If you live near a city or are holidaying in one, why not take your camera out for some stunning shots.
Look out for interesting buildings, reflections and shadows.  Look at intricate brickwork – look out for people mobbing around, for wildlife and for cars, but before you start there are some basic things to remember.  First is safety.  There is no reason why a city at night shouldn’t be safe but it is always important to be cautious.  If you are on your own try to bring some company.  Women can be a greater target especially if working solo so take a friend or companion with you.

Depending on where you are taking photographs, use extra caution.  If you know your city well then you will know where to go and where to avoid.  If on holiday, stick to the main tourist areas, and avoid any that the guidebooks do not mention.  If you do sense a change in atmosphere you must move quickly.
Remember that you will attract attention as you will have a camera and plethora of expensive equipment on you.  For this reason alone you should work near your vehicle if possible and take a friend.
Recommended equipment includes:
1 x Camera Body
1 x Wide Angle Lens
1 x Camera Bag
Filters, if required
Spare batteries and memory
It is very important to take a tripod!  Needless to say, if it is dark there will be blurring and you don’t want to have to choose a high ISO and end up with bad quality grainy images.  Take a sturdy, three legged tripod, ideally one you can hand your bag from – this will stabilize your bag and you won’t have to remember to keep an eye on it.
A flashgun is helpful especially a separate powerful head.  If you are shooting in an extremely dark environment and you have a long exposure time, you can actually use the flashgun to add a boost.  There are actually some sun filters you can use for night photography, for example a star filter, which will pick up the light areas and turn them into star patterns.
Taking photographs at night is challenging, and you will have to experiment to get the best results.

August 14, 2015

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