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Course Curriculum

Lesson 1
Introduction Unlimited
What is HDR Photography? Unlimited
What’s Great About HDR and When to Use It Unlimited
Homework 1 Unlimited
Quiz 1 00:30:00
Lesson 2
Shooting Photos for Processing as HDR Images – Part 1 00:00:00
The Camera Settings Unlimited
What Scenes Work Best for HDR Unlimited
Assignment 2 UNLIMITED
Quiz 2 00:30:00
Lesson 3
Shooting Photos for Processing as HDR Images – Part 2 Unlimited
Two types of HDR processing – Natural and Creative Unlimited
Assignment 3 UNLIMITED
Quiz 3 00:30:00
Lesson 4
Processing Creative Images in Aurora HDR Unlimited
Base-level HDR Tone Mapping Unlimited
More Slider Tool Groups Unlimited
Getting Your Images Out of Aurora HDR Unlimited
Assignment 4 UNLIMITED
Quiz 4 00:30:00
Lesson 5
Processing Natural Landscape Subjects Unlimited
Natural Processing Techniques Unlimited
Color Toning and How to Make Things Look As Natural As Possible Unlimited
Homework 5 Unlimited
Quiz 5 00:30:00
Lesson 6
Using Layers, Masks and Advanced Tools Unlimited
Using the Brush Tool in Combination with Layers Unlimited
Assignment 6 UNLIMITED
Quiz 6 00:30:00
Lesson 7
Shooting HDR – Black & White, Portraits and Panoramas Unlimited
HDR Portraits Unlimited
HDR Panoramas Unlimited
Assignment 7 UNLIMITED
Quiz 7 00:30:00
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