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Learn how to use latest version of Adobe Photoshop CC to improve every photograph in your collection in easy, clear steps with the guidance of your own personal tutor.

So you’re passionate about photography. You have invested in the equipment, you can take a great shot, but this one thing eludes you: Photoshop.

You open the Photoshop screen and it’s a complex, never ending list of buttons and menus. How is it possible to hone in on the exact features that are useful to you? Isn’t it time consuming, expensive and complicated to learn?

It doesn’t have to be.

Nearly every professional photographer that takes pictures with a digital camera will use this powerful piece of software day to day to improve and enhance their images. It can be the smallest tweak, or a dramatic addition – Photoshop is an amazing and vast piece of software that improves photographs so that they go from being good to amazing. Every photographer, amateur and professional should possess the ability to use Photoshop.

Photoshop is not just for seasoned professionals.

Photoshop is for photographers like you who want to learn how to tweak, improve, rescue and add a personal creative touch to their image.

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  1. 5

    I think this was a great course for someone at my level of understanding of Photoshop. I found the teaching methods easy enough to follow and when there was a problem, it was possible to go back and retrace the steps bit by bit to get the task done. I think the practical side was much more useful than the multi choice but that was useful to make sure one read the section several times to get it right.

    Not an easy course but doable and I did learn alot of skills that I will and already am using.

    There are many typos and errors through the course though. Might be worth a proof read. Also some confusion between cs4 and cs5 (soon cs6) also but that must be difficult to correct.
    Greg referred to me as Martha in my final assessment feedback. I hope this wasn’t a copy/paste job as I really would have valued personal feedback for the hours I spent completing the final assessment. I think I put alot of time and brain cells into that one and was quite proud of it.Also no picture provided in the final assessment for the “blending and wrap round text” example that was mentioned.

    I enjoyed it, I’m glad I’ve finished and do think it was great to work through.

  2. Thanks!


    this is a great course,I would like to take this time and give you my thanks for the wonderful feedback that you have given me throughout this course.
    the course has taught me a lot of new and wonderful tecniques in photography that I will use in the future. I will highly recommend this course to all my friends and colleagues.
    Thanks you again and i will be expecting to hear from you on my last assignment.,

  3. well worth the money


    Photography has been an interest of mine for many, many years and I’ve long been amazed at how Photographers had the ability to take what might be a good picture on it’s own and be able to transform it into a work of art using Photoshop. I’ve had Photoshop now for a couple of years but was lacking the ability to start making sence of it all, I was intimidated by the program.
    I was lucky enough to come across ProudPhotography’s link while searching on the web for some how-to info on Photoshop hit the link and things from there just started to make some sense. I signed up for what seemed to be a course that promised to help me to become better aware of what the program was all about and how to use most of the tools offered in photoshop. That they did, the staff and my tutor were there for me right from the getgo when I got confused they were there to set me on the right track. Now at least I’ve got a pretty good working knowlage Photoshop and the tools the program brings with it. The course was well put together and my tutor was able to answer any problem I came across also the feedback during the course was real helpfull. Well worth the investment both in time and money spent…..Very Reasonable.
    I’m so satisfied that I also signed up for their online Photography Course…..which I’m still involved with.
    I highly recommend the courses and the talented staff at ProudPhotography.

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