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Learn how to become a professional wedding photographer and earn a decent income from it.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Whether you’re thinking of saving costs by photographing your family wedding or launching yourself into a full-fledged Wedding Photography Business, we have the news for you…

Expert Wedding Photography Course is a great deal more than just a wedding photography tutorial.

Expert Wedding Photographer Course is a great deal more than just a tutorial. You’re not going to come away with just a vague idea of how to shoot weddings, but with the full skill set of a highly trained professional wedding photographer! Rest assured that when you sign up to take our course, you’ll be getting thorough, in-depth, step-by-step instruction in all the intricacies of the trade, and learn how to take your ambitions from idea to fruition!

What will I learn?

You will learn a myriad of technical information surrounding Wedding Photography business that most professionals would never tell you about, such as:

Setting up and running your wedding photography business

We’ll show you how to create your own website even if you have no programming skills.

Get answers to all the awkward questions, such as how much you should charge for your services and how to go about getting paid.

We’ll show you what kind of photos to take, when and how to do it.

Get all the information about fair and air-tight wedding contracts. We’ll even toss in 3 wedding contracts for you free.

Get advice on the most suitable gear for shooting weddings. You don’t want to pop in with Point&Shoot camera.

Gain the knowledge to distinguish between different models of cameras and lenses and pick the best one for the job.

Learn all about the concept of digital workflow and how to take a photo from concept to finished product with the aid of a computer.

Discover how to appeal to any client and put your best face forward at all times.


As you can see, you stand to learn a lot from our online wedding photography course, but rest assured, taking all this information in will come quickly and naturally, because the structure we use is one that you’re guaranteed to be familiar with.

Each section of our course is broken down into small installments, and you learn one critical concept in each of those installments. As you complete an entire section, you’ll be able to take a review quiz to ensure that you’ve fully learned the material before you go along to the next. What’s more, the online format means that you’ll get all-important instant feedback on your performance![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Course Reviews


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  1. 5

    “I wanted a photography class that could evolve with me and allow me to progress at my own pace……proud photography was my answer.
    The courses were very comprehensive ,well planned and well thought out.
    I was apprehensive at first, but i soon found out how easy the courses really were. The material was easy to read easy to understand and i looked forward to getting new assignments after each lesson.
    (I will miss these projects…) 🙁
    The TUTORS ( Garry and Peter) were always faire and very honest . They were accessible and were extremely helpful , i could always count on these guys to give me positive feedback.
    The course was very helpful and i have learned alot. My camera is on manual mode all the the time . Shooting automatic is for amateurs ! lol
    I discovered a whole new beautiful world ,proudphotography opened my eyes…
    I was looking for a hobby and now i have the ability to actually make some money off it too…..and thats always a plus !! 🙂
    Thank you Proudphotography ! “

  2. Very pleased


    “I am very pleased with your “Expert Wedding Photography” Course, as l have learn so much from it. l have always wanted to be a wedding photographer but never had the confidence, but after your course l feel so much more confident and now getting a few weddings to photograph
    I also love that l have been able to download all of your course and have it in folder so if l have to look back on something l can.
    I have already invested in another Canon 7D camera and 2 new lens to add to my collection and find it is very handy to have two good ones to choose from at weddings.
    Also love learning about you assignment on Photo Shop, found it very interesting and so good to help make my photos even better. Also was wondering what you Photo Shop Course was like ? is there is much more in it l would benefit from? thanks Jeanne..”

  3. 5

    The program is well organized and well detailed. You’ve proven by the type of information’s provided that you know the need of a student. I have been able to compare your informations with different sources and can confirm that you are well detailed and concise in your teaching method. You are also up to date with photography. I was just taking pictures but now I know what I’m doing. People will enjoy more the quality of my job. Thank you very much for the two courses I have had with you. I will always recommend you to my friends and take any additional course for myself. Special thanks to my instructors for their diligent work. I know marking is not an easy task but you always did it.

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