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Enhancing Eyes

This time of year photo opportunities abound, and with that come the challenges of taking pictures that capture a person’s true beauty. Thankfully, with a few tricks using photo enhancing software you can erase the less flattering details and create images that are more polished. One of the most common problems photographers face is red eye. There are many tools available for retouching red eye problems, but don’t limit your retouching to eliminating red eye. Consider enhancing the eyes to maximize  beauty with a few easy tricks.

In order to maximize your enhancements, you need to first eliminate any red eye that remains in the photo. Some cameras are excellent in preventing red eye, but in the case you have some remaining red you can use some simple tools to eliminate it. Photoshop CS2 offers a Red Eye tool that easily does the work for you. Simply click on the Toolbox options to activate the function. Then select the eye using the rectangular box to outline the pupil. The default settings can typically eliminate all red eye without additional adjustments.

If you find you need to make more adjustments you can try the Color Replacement tool to manually change the color of the pupil. Click on Options then choose the brush size to one third the size of the pupil. The mode should be set to luminosity, sampling to once, limits should be contiguous, tolerance at 50%, and anti-aliasing at yet. Then you are ready to adjust the eye color. Just take care to leave the original reflection.

Now you can enhance the eyes in the image. You first need to duplicate the image. Then use the Zoon Tool from the Toolbox and select the area of the eye you want to enhance. You need to use the Free Select Tool to choose the right selection shape. Then draw around each iris until you have to circles selected. Now you are ready to make color changes. Go to the Color menu and click on the brightness or contrast tool. You can adjust both the brightness and contrast, checking the preview as you go. The final series of adjustments are made using the Unsharp Mask. Go to the filters option, then click enhance, and unsharp mask. Use the sliders to adjust the image. Again, watch the preview and stop the adjustments when the look right. Be careful not to over adjust the eye color, do enough adjustments to enhance the natural color but not over power it. If you use the tools available to you through image enhancing software, you can erase any red eye blemishes and enhance the eye color on any family photo this holiday season to create beautifully retouched images.

August 14, 2015

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