Fine Art Photography

It’s difficult to define Fine Art Photography since different people describe it in different ways.  A few ways we could describe it is, Photography that is of the highest quality, which is considered as ‘art’ as a painting is and that is produced with the commercial resale element in mind.

Fine Art photography technically speaking is the kind of photograph people frame and put on walls.  It can just be the kind of image that is perfectly composed and shot which makes people take a step back and say “wow”.

Fine Art Photography can cross a number of genres including:

1.    Landscapes
2.    Portraits
3.    Fashion
4.    Historical Images
5.    Nudes
6.    Travel Images
7.    Photojournalism
8.    Still Life

A photographer like the legend, Ansel Adams is considered a Fine Art Photographer for his high quality images.

Fine Art photograph can be in color or black and white – quite often they are shot on medium or large format cameras just because of the sheer quality – although many SLR cameras are very high quality too.

Quite often with Fine Art Photography the secret is not just in the perfectly composed image but also with the printing.  Fine Art photographs are perfectly printed – they may go through many processes on various papers for example before deciding which the best combination for the photograph is.

It is difficult for someone to teach another how to take a Fine Art Photograph as the subject matter and the image itself is usually something which is a labor of love for the photographer involved.

As well as being a long term project and a passion, the Photographer may work with the subject for a long time before it is considered a “Fine Art” image. Many photographers build up a strong portfolio and a reputation before being able to class their work and prints as “fine art”.

The best thing to do is to practice and practice regularly if you want to be a fine art photographer. Find a genre that you love and practice, and hone in your craft until you have images that feel near to perfection.

Once you have some images that you adore make sure you get people to critique it.  If people think it’s great then make sure you get your picture professionally framed and professionally printed.  A professional printer, not a commercial high street one, is worth his weight in gold and will be able to bring out the best colors and elements of a photograph.

If you plan to sell your work then make sure you do a limited edition! For example just bring 100 of your images so people feel like they are getting something special – when you are famous one day, your limited edition prints will be worth a lot of money!

Photographers’ works to investigate include:

Ansel Adams
Bill Brandt
Paul Strand
Renee Hubbard
Robert Kapa

April 23, 2010

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