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Get better printouts

HP Photosmart D7360 Printer

Printer configuration – tell printer what you’re doing

It’s all very well supplying your printer with glossy photo paper, but if it doesn’t realise what you’re using it can’t deliver optimum performance. Almost all printers come with utility software that allows you to select what type of paper you’re supplying it with. Some of the latest models can even detect the paper type automatically. Check your printer’s manual to discover how to select the paper type.

Paper type – how to get best photo prints

If you’re trying to print the photo onto a standard paper you’ll find the results are less than impressive. Normal paper is fine for printing text on, but it acts like blotting paper when used for printing photos. The individual ink droplets get soaked up and make it impossible to produce detailed prints. If you want the best photo prints it’s important to always use high quality photo paper. When the precise ink droplets are fired at photo paper they don’t spread on impact, which means the photo retains its fine detail. Of course, photo paper costs more than standard papers.

Refill inks?

Buying replacement ink cartridges for your printer can be expensive and you might have noticed some cheaper alternatives on the market, such as refill packs or so called “compatible” cartridges. These are usually supplied by third party manufacturers and involve you injecting the replacement ink directly into your old cartridge. If you want to achieve the highest print quality, you should avoid this method of refilling. Injecting the cartridge can easily cause damage to the cartridge itself and result in poor quality prints.

Printer maintenance – keep your printer clean

As with any other object in your house, dust will settle inside your printer over time. A small amount won’t do much harm and you won’t probably noticeany decrease in quality. Problems will start to occur if your printer is left unused for  a while in a dusty environment. It’s tempting to simply get a cloth and wipe away all the dust, but the best way to clean it is to use compressed air. This method doesn’t involveany contact between you and inside of the printer and will blow away the dustfrom even the most concealed areas. Your local computer store should be able to sell you a can of compressed air.

July 11, 2007

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