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Getting Acquainted With Abstract Photography

Have you ever seen a picture of a busy street at night portrayed just by lights zooming across the dark street? Or the picture of a drop of water frozen in time as it bounces off after rippling the placid water surface? This phenomenon is so quick that the normal eye rarely notices it this way. It brings to mind an array of feelings. Yes, that’s the power of abstract photography.

Abstract photography is a type of photography where much is portrayed without focusing on much. This definition sounds pretty abstract, doesn’t it? The truth is that you will hardly come across a concrete definition. Most abstract photographers use a shallow depth of field to create the right effect. Abstract photography deals with producing a desired effect by using a combination of colors, textures and shades. An abstract photo may not have a real subject in focus. It may also not mean the same thing to everyone.

Abstract photography is gaining popularity because it arouses the subjective ability of the person looking at it. One look; and you would like to look at it again and derive meaning from it. Life is a reality, and once in a while it may do you some good to take a mental break and get lost in a world that extends beyond the tangible. Most children tend to have this ability, keeping them tension free and relaxed. The right brain is responsible for abstract thinking. As we grow older, we become more logical and the left brain may take over. Abstract thinking can not only relax you, but can actually enhance your thinking process. It can help you to plan, avoid cluttering and think hypothetically. Abstract photography can also energize and motivate. Therefore abstract photographs are in demand.

You may want to enter this exciting realm of abstract photography. Your basic photography knowledge in combination with a creative mind can take you a long way. You might even be surprised by what you can do. You can use natural as well as artificial light. You can shoot moving objects with a slow shutter speed, giving them a blurry action look. You can freeze the dynamics of water in thousands of ways. Using colored liquid with different viscosity could give you beautiful shapes as they free-fall, or as they bounce off various surfaces. Different lights or color filters can give your pictures an enhanced vibrancy. Raindrops on a window pane can bring in that lazy indoor feeling. You can create a shallow depth of field by using a wide aperture size to shoot the orange morning sunrays reflecting off the water. Sunrays diffusing through a latticed window on a dusty morning can set off a dreamy mood. You can shoot the patterns made by colorful clouds at dusk. You may even want to consider macro photography to take close-up shots. You can take a close-up of a glossy leaf or the texture of a garment. You can look up the rough trunk of a palm tree with the blurred-out palm leaves swaying in the background. You will never get bored and your options are unlimited.

Now that you’re excited, grab your camera and unleash your creativity. You are going to embark on a journey that can take you places.

August 14, 2015

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