Glamor Photography

Photography is the art of capturing and presenting the subject in an aesthetic manner. Glamor is a treat to the eye, and it appeals to the senses. It grabs attention, throws the first impression, attracts, entices and engrosses. Therefore the media depends on glamor; and glamor photography has become one of the most sensational forms of photography.

Once upon a time glamor photography would range from photographing celebrities to spectacular events; and shooting the lifestyles of the opulent to capturing magnificent structures. Nowadays, photographing models is a popular form of glamor photography. The photographer can focus on male or female models. Most magazines and newspapers use glamorous pictures in order to attract the reader’s attention.

The female beauty and form has enthralled the masses for generations. Female models are being splashed across the covers of almost every magazine. Also, most manufacturers use female models to display and advertise their products. In a world that is still believed by some to be male dominated, glamor photography is said to grab the attention of men; and create various modeling opportunities for women. Due to the acceptance of the nude human form, models are having a more professional approach towards semi-nude and nude modeling. Soft-core pictures are a common sight even in newspapers today. The trend set by the Playboy magazine, when it pictured the nude Marilyn Monroe on its cover has been followed by many publications today. In an age where semi-nudity and nudity is being socially accepted, glamor photographers are capitalizing on the moment.

If you want to be a glamor photographer, you can set yourself up with a popular publication or a fashion show organizer. This will assure that you have a ready market. Once you gain the experience, you can use your contacts to get around. Starting your own studio shouldn’t be very difficult. You can use your digital camera so that you can review your pictures on your computer and touch them up as per your tastes. If you want to start photographing models, you don’t have to own a state of the art studio. You can set up a studio at your home. A neat place with the right lighting and a decent backdrop will do fine. Remember that a fair skinned blond will stand out more against a dark background. See to it that the background is not cluttered. You can also adjust your camera to fade out the background and focus more on the model. You can even go outdoors and make use of natural light. It is not necessary to begin with nude photography; you can start with portrait photography and then move on to glamor photography, once you can play with lights, shades and body contours. Having a happy and co-operative subject is very important because the mood shows up on the pictures. Focusing on your subject’s eyes is very important, as eyes tend to be the focal point of good pictures. You can set the mood by adjusting the lighting. You can increase the glamor factor by heightening the style and adding extra lighting. Sensuous pictures can be taken without having the subjects pose in their birthday suits. If you want to go in for implied nudity techniques, there is a lucrative market for such forms of art.

Glamor photography will enable you to use your creative ability to highlight the best features of the subject; but you must keep in mind that the female form should never be portrayed as a sex object.

August 29, 2008

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