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Guides: 5 Low Cost Ideas for Photographs Part 1

Photography doesn’t have to cost a fortune if you are shrewd and think of ways to create a great shot.  As a photographer, it’s always useful to have some low cost ideas so that you can take pictures when you are feeling creative.

Here are some ideas that you can try without leaving your home.  Think of everything you own as a potentially photogenic object!  It’s all about how you decide to model it!

1. Make a home studio

A home studio is extremely easy to create at home – all you need is a window, some daylight, and something to use as a background.  It can be white paper, a white sheet (or any color you want) or card.

You can even use patterned fabric or a throw – anything that works with the image you are trying to achieve.  A simple item usually can work on a patterned or bold background and something complex may look better on a plain background.
2. Go to your fridge

Food is a great photographic subject because it’s usually strong in color, texture or both!  Things that can look great include fruit and vegetables, sweets and cakes, or if you are creative, even something like a tin of beans can be striking.

Consider playing around with textures and contrasts. For example, if beans are wet and sloppy, what could you place in the frame with it which is its opposite in shape or color or texture?

3. Grab someone

Not a stranger of course, but someone else in your home albeit your other half, a child or a friend.  Getting someone to model for you may be a challenge but even if the shots are no good, it gives you a great chance to practice your directing skills – can you make someone who is uncomfortable in front of the camera comfortable just by encouraging them?

4. Use your pets

If you have pets then definitely consider taking photos of them!  It could be that you’ve had your pet for years and you haven’t bothered to take a picture of them for a while.  If so, make an effort and put your pet in a new environment like outdoors if they aren’t used to it, and get them to do things they normally don’t.

You can even build the home studio then get your pet to model for you on it!

5. Do a self portrait

If there’s no one else around and you don’t have pets or any food in, why not take a photograph of yourself?  Situate yourself next to a large window and position a camera on a tripod (use a mirror to see what’s going on) and take the photograph.  Use a remote if necessary – you can really try different poses and angles to see what suits your face the most.

August 14, 2015

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