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Guides: 5 more Low Cost Ideas for Photographs Part 2

Some photographers may not have the budget to spend on large amounts of materials but the fact is, you can get new ideas in all kinds of free and cost effective ways.  Here are some ideas for photographers who want to save money (and who doesn’t) but want to get inspired.

These are some things you can do by getting out and about.

1. Go to the library

There are lots of photography books out there for you to investigate but to look at them for free go to your local library.  Look for instructional books but also look for books from famous photographers as these can be a fantastic source of inspiration.  Even if the books seem quite old, they can offer you a new idea or insight.
2. Get a bus ticket

Ever considered going to another part of town to take some photographs?  Sometimes a change of scenery is a great way to get inspired – even if it’s a different park or a different street, you may spot new things you have never seen before.

Do make sure that you are safe and know the way back, and know through research that the area is fine.  You don’t need to go too far, it could just be a few streets further than you usually walk.

3. Join a Camera Club

There are photography enthusiasts everywhere so why not use the internet or newspaper to find the nearest camera club to you.  Find out when the group meet then get in touch with them to see if you can go along.  Sometimes camera clubs organize photo sessions and competitions which will give you ideas, and some clubs have specialist equipment or studios you can hire.

Most camera clubs charge a small nominal fee for joining – if there aren’t any clubs near you why not consider starting one yourself? Make some posters and post something on your local Gumtree website (or Craigslist).  Arrange for a small group to meet in a completely public place like a coffee shop and see if you have anything to offer each other.

4. Go to the park

Parks are a great place to relax and get photographs – you can photograph the scenery or just people watch and get pictures of things going on.  Take a macro lens with you if you want to take close up images of nature, such as flowers or leaves.

On a bad day you can still take photographs but consider turning them to black and white images afterwards in Photoshop to get the moody look.

5. People watch

You can go to any area where there are lots of people around and people watch – it can be a café or it can be the park.  ‘People watching’ is incredibly interesting and you can photograph people on their day to day life.

August 14, 2015

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