Guides: 5 more low Cost Ideas for Photographs Part 3

When you are a new photographer looking for work, the idea of marketing may seem extremely daunting – yet in this day and age you can’t rely on people just finding you – you need to put yourself out there.

Say you have had your training and feel confident enough to find clients, you have a strong portfolio in your chosen genre and feel ready to find work – but you don’t know how and have little money for it.  Here are some quick ideas to get your name heard.

1. Get yourself online

Being online is very powerful these days as everyone uses the internet.  Therefore you should do a few things – get yourself a website – get a free one if necessary (try Onsugar or Blogger for free blogs) where you can get your pictures up.  Use a photo sharing service like Flickr or Kodak Galleries if you want to host your pictures, and join photo forums to join in with discussions and get people taking about your work.

2. Advertise strategically

Depending on your target market, make sure you advertise especially for them. It’s helpful to put an advert in a paper but only if the people you are selling to read it.  So if you are a wedding photographer it can be more effective to put up a cheap leaflet on the wall of a Bridal shop than it is putting an ad in a national newspaper.

3. Use Leaflets

Leaflets are one of the cheaper types of marketing materials you can print and they usually charge a set fee for up to 5000 leaflets – look on the internet for the best value deals and make sure they aren’t adding on charges like tax or unreasonable shipping.

Once you have your leaflets, make sure you leave them or give them out at the right places – for example; if you are a baby photographer, targeting mums at natal groups or at kids’ clothes shops.  Don’t just leave them around anywhere because you want your target market to pick up the leaflet and use it.

4. Free Services

As a beginner always think of ways you can offer a free service for publicity.  One great way of doing this is offering some free pictures as a magazine competition.  So get in touch with a local but popular magazine within the target audience you are looking for.  Then get in touch with the editor and offer a free photography session – you will have to give away your services once but the competition will serve as a free advert for your company.

5. Use Social Media

Once you are online, think about using very popular pages such as Facebook and Twitter to promote your photography.  Both of these services are free and you can set up pages to keep people up to date with what you are up to and what your new projects may be.  It’s always easy for people to get in touch with you if they are interested in your services – a bonus!

April 16, 2010

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