Holiday Family Photo Tips

With the holidays fast approaching families will be gathering together to celebrate. The upcoming holidays are a great opportunity to create a family photo that will capture this special time. Unfortunately, there can be many challenges to creating an ideal family photo such as misbehaving children, wardrobe issues, and simple the number of subjects in the photo. With a bit of preparation for both the family and the photographer you can capture a photo worth remembering.

Misbehaving children are often a challenge to the holiday family photo. The younger the child, the more likely they are to not be able to sit quietly for a picture. The best way to handle a misbehaving child is to talk to the parents. Parents should be carefully consulted when planning the picture. You should ask what time the children typically nap, and avoid scheduling the photo during this time. You should ask the parents to have the children fed before the photo as this will help avoid any misbehaving due to hunger. Finally, ask the parents to dress their children comfortably. Most parents choose clothing that is attractive but may be uncomfortable for the child. An uncomfortable child is an unhappy child, and your photo will suffer as a result.

The right wardrobe choice is not only important to children, but is important to all family members. Many families opt to choose clothing in the same color for consistency in an image. This can raise a number of challenges. It is nearly impossible to find a color that is flattering to all family members. Consider using a palette of colors where each member can choose clothing that fits in the palette. It is often nice to coordinate family subsets by color, with each family assigned a different color in the palette. If the family wants all members to be in the same color, encourage them to choose clothing of different styles. Avoid the solid polo shirt and khaki pants look as much as possible. This look is generic and the client may not be happy with a photo that does not capture their family’s individuality.

Finally, you should consult with the family to find out how many people are going to be included in the picture. Holiday family gatherings can be quite large and this could pose a significant challenge when arranging the photo. You might ask the family to practice setting up each member’s position before you arrive. This would lessen the confusion and also help expedite the process of arranging everyone. Ask them to have desired locations picked out before you arrive and be sure they account for the space required for each person. Following these tips should not only save you time and frustration when taking holiday photos for clients, it will also result in a better final image and happier clients.

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