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How to Get Your Subjects to Pose Right

The best photographs are undoubtedly the ones where the subjects in the picture look natural and relaxed. However, most people aren’t professional models and it can be rather tricky to get them into a state of confidence. As a photographer, it’s your job to direct your subjects to the perfect shot, while making them feel at ease.

That’s because a lot of times, non-model people (like your friends or family) just don’t feel like they are photogenic enough. This, in turn, can lead to visible awkwardness and tension in photographs. They believe that since most of their photos turn out to be unflattering, all their photos will turn out the same way.

By providing your subjects with posing tips and the right instructions, though, you can help them conquer that fear and make everyone look radiant, natural and amazing! In this article, you will find a few effective ways to interact and advise your subjects in a way that will make them look and feel natural:

Show, Don’t Tell

Turns out, this old adage applies pretty well with photography as well, especially if your subjects are children. During the photo shoot, demonstrate exactly what you want your subjects to do, as well as the reason why. By showing a little enthusiasm to model, you will make them feel like you know what they are going through. Not to mention, showing them what to do will be a lot easier to follow than providing your subjects with abstract instructions.

Compliment Sincerely

You should never make the mistake of flattering your subjects. Are you wondering why? That’s simply because of the fact that such compliments are usually picked up on as negative almost immediately. Instead, compliment them sincerely, which really shouldn’t be hard for you since being a photographer, you probably already have assessed what you would be focusing and playing up on when your subject walked into the room.

Encourage Them to Take Up Space

According to body language experts, the more space we take up, the more confident we feel. So, if you see that your subject is feeling shy or nervous, ask them to make themselves appear physically bigger while they pose. Even if you aren’t going to use the photographs of them stretching, jumping, or taking up more room, you will provide you subjects with a much needed mental boost to help them get out of their comfort zone.

Display Confidence

Last, but not the least, your subjects will look at you to make them look attractive and great. Hence, it’s important that you are a good role model on-set. You need to display confidence because, as soon as you are unsure, your subjects will freak out as well. So, whenever you feel you are having a hard time on-set, take a short break. Then come back when you are calm and collected, give directions, and start taking great photographs!

That’s about it! Follow the aforementioned advice as discussed, and guiding your subjects to pose right shouldn’t be much of a problem.

March 17, 2016

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