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How To Protect Your Camera While Traveling

If you are planning on going to that exotic location that you always dreamt of, your digital camera could be your best companion. Obviously you are looking forward to preserving some very special family moments and some beautiful memories. You are also looking forward to show off your adventures to friends back home. At an exciting time as this, losing your camera could be one of the greatest disappointments you could face. Also, having some technical problem with your camera would not be the best thing you would like to happen. A few steps of precaution can help you avoid unnecessary disappointments.

Secure it: Tourist places are full of prying eyes; moreover, digital cameras look really beautiful. Just a few seconds of carelessness could ruin your perfect vacation. Never leave your camera on the chair besides you in the restaurant. There is a chance that you might forget it. Or most likely it may get stolen. There is no point losing your camera over a scrumptious meal. Meals in tourist locations are expensive anyway. Also, never wear your camera around your neck in crowded places, unless you want to do the Hawaiian Hula dance. (If you are in Hawaii, you will be greeted with a garland anyway) You might find your camera gone while you are engrossed in looking around the location. Also remember that vacation time is not a time to carry your blackberry in your hand. You can check your emails at your hotel room. Give priority to your camera and always carry it in your hand with the strap wound around your wrist.

Waterproof it: You may not be in the Amazon rainforest, but most vacation spots have swimming pools, hot tubs or Jacuzzi’s. Keep your digital camera a few feet away from such places. If you wish to take some poolside shots, be extra careful. Remember never to allow your little one to hold it while you are around the pool. He or she may just toss it in like a stone in a pond. Although sealable plastic bags are fine, it is important that you protect your camera in a waterproof and airtight bag. This will also ensure that rain and moisture will not damage its mechanism. Resuscitating a drowned camera may prove fruitless, expensive and disappointing.

Insure it: If your travel policy has an insurance provision for your camera, ensure that the coverage is worthwhile. Check if the insurance provider covers loss or theft while at the airport or at destination. Also check your renters’ or homeowners’ policy to see if it is in your favor.

Protect it: Always keep your camera in its case when not in use. This will protect it from dust and moisture. Keep it in its case even when you are in your air-conditioned hotel room. If your camera gets too cold, there may be condensation as soon as you move outdoors, thereby giving you blurry pictures or causing other problems. Fix a UV filter onto the lens. A UV filter obviously filters the UV rays and gives you better pictures. Moreover, it protects your lens from heat, dust, moisture and physical damage. Let your camera not bask in the sun as you lie on the beach. It cannot catch a tan, so keep it in its case at all times. If you are a professional photographer, a hard equipment case that will hold your camera, lens and other paraphernalia is a must.

And yes, you may also want to transfer those wonderful memories from your memory card to a CD at one of the photo shops before your return trip.

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