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How to take on a long term Photography Project Part 2

A long term photography project doesn’t have to be anything too challenging or difficult – it can be something fun and takes a relatively short amount of time to achieve.  As well as documenting change you can also photograph a particular theme for a few months so you become familiar and accustomed to it.

Here are some more ideas for long term projects you can take on that are easy to do:

1.    Photograph Yourself…

And something can change every day.  Ladies could photograph their lipstick for the next 30 days.  Men could photograph their growing beards.  How about photographing yourself every time you have a hair cut?

2.    Photograph Every Day Things

You could photograph the same thing every day for a month – for example, the scene from outside your door, to document the weather.  You could photograph your dinner for the next month to document how much and what you have eaten.

3.    Choose your favorite place

You could also go to your favorite spot in your town to take a picture.  See how it changes over time if it does change at all…

4.    Use a social place

A social place like a park, or a coffee shop, or even a social club can be a great place to do your project.  You will need to ask permission but you could end up with some interesting and powerful shots.  For example – why not document a coffee shop at the same time every day – is the crowd the same or does it change a lot?

Once you have your images what you do with them?

You could:

1.    Put them all into a portfolio or album to show the changes as time goes on. If you do this you may need to cut down the images you are putting in to the most significant changes.
2.    Create a slideshow – this is very useful and you can make it into a short video and share it on websites such as You Tube.
3.    Create a Collage – this is a nice way to show the changes step by step.

Who will want to see your images?

–    Depending on the project it could be something good enough to exhibit.  If the subject matter is emotive or about social changes then there will be some interest.  If you have documented some kind of environmental change, then the press could be interested and certainly people who want to promote the local area.

–    If you are documenting buildings that are being erected quite often the construction company putting the building up may be interested in your shots and may pay you a fee to buy the whole set.

–    If you are a student it will be a strong part of your portfolio because it shows commitment and initiative.  Be prepared to talk about your inspiration and why you decided to do the project.

August 14, 2015

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