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How to Take Sharper Pictures

As photographers, we always want to capture super-sharp photos. After all, getting sharp, crisp images is one of the most important elements of photography. However, producing sharp images isn’t as easy as it sounds! Sometimes, we blur everything in the frame, while at other times we end up capturing a dark image with no details. Either way, here are a few useful tips to help you click sharp images:

Hold Your Camera Properly

The most common cause for a blurry image is camera shake. When the shutter is open, even the slightest movement will lead to a blurry image. The best way to eliminate camera shake is putting your camera on a sturdy place or using a tripod. However, let’s face it, tripods are not always accessible! In such situations, a number of precautions can be taken to reduce camera shake and ensure you get sharp pictures:

  • Use one hand to hold the camera and the other to hold the lens.
  • Keep the camera close to your body.
  • Look through a viewfinder (it can help reduce some of the camera shake!)
  • Lean against a sturdy wall or surface area for support.
  • Hold the camera against a fixed object.
  • You can also let your camera rest on something and use the timer.

Increase Shutter Speed

When taking photographs, one of the most pivotal settings you look at is the shutter speed. While shooting with slow shutter speed seems interesting, it can make you lose focus of the subject as the shutter remains open for too long and the camera may shake in the process. Not to mention, there is always the possibility that the subject may also move, resulting in a blurred image!

Therefore, you should shoot with a faster shutter speed instead. Not only does it decrease camera shake, but also the likelihood of the subject moving while the shot is in progress. By increasing shutter speed, you can improve the sharpness in your images considerably. But remember, holding your camera steady is still of utmost importance.

Switch to Single Point Auto Focus

Most cameras, when used on ‘focus mode’, will keep the overall scene as acceptably sharp as possible. If you want to see detail everywhere, this default adjustment should prove useful, but it also means your subjects won’t appear super-sharp! So, what you need to do is switch your camera to single point auto focus mode. By doing so, your camera will focus sharply on just one point (usually in the centre of the frame). To keep your subject as sharp as possible, focus by aiming that point at your subject and half press the shutter.

Use a Better Lens

Believe it or not, using a good quality lens can make a huge difference to the sharpness of your photographs. More often than not, expensive lenses are usually sharper than cheaper ones. Sure, changing your lens will cost you a lot of money, but considering how it can make your photos better, it’s well worth it!

Lower Your ISO

The higher the ISO speed, the grainier the picture will look. This, in turn, affects the overall sharpness of the image. Lower ISO speeds will produce less grain. Hence, wherever possible, use the lowest ISO setting of your camera as long as it doesn’t affect other settings of your camera, like shutter speed.

Taking sharper pictures isn’t impossible and can be achieved in many ways, some of which we have tried our best to explain above. While these will only make a small difference, the resulting cumulative effect will lead to vastly crisper and sharper photographs!

February 14, 2016

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