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Becoming a good photographer takes time, patience, and a certain degree of understanding. Once you understand the principles behind photography, such as exposure, light control, composition, and positioning, becoming familiar with your equipment is the next logical step. Even the most rudimentary camera system takes time to understand before you can fully appreciate the technology and functions that are at your disposal. This article contains a few suggestions to help guide you to becoming more proficient with your equipment.

Read the Manufacturer’s Manual

It is safe to say this is the least favorite step for most people. After all, who wants to read the manual when you have the camera sitting in front of you? A little bit of will power goes a long way with this critical step. Resist the temptation to change settings, touch internal parts, or power up the unit until you have read the manufacturer’s instructions. Failing to heed the warnings could possibly cause irreversible damage to your new camera. It may not be necessary to read the entire manual before handling the camera, but at least understand the quick start guide before experimenting with the unit.

Take a Photography Course

You should enroll in a photography course soon after you become familiar with the basic functions of your camera. There is often a single contributing factor that will cause you to deny yourself the benefits of enrolling in a photography course…pride. Many people feel that they are too advanced to take a beginner’s photography course and they often miss out on many of the fundamentals of photography. The Proud Photography Interactive Photography Course offers a variety of courses for the beginner to the intermediate photographer. The instruction staff at Proud Photography Course have many years of experience in the field of photography. The skill sets you learn through the Proud Photography Course will help you raise the bar from taking good photographs to taking great photographs. The cost of enrollment is nominal and the skills you learn will become the basis for further proficiencies.

Participate in Forums and Photography Sharing

Online forums offer you the ability to interact with other photographs from beginners to the experts. Many online resources, such as ePhotoZine offer free space where you can post your photographs and receive feedback from the online users. Public forums may also inspire you to try new methods of composition and style. Furthermore, you can always judge your proficiencies privately and find ways to improve your skills.

No matter what your skill level, there is always something new to learn in photography. Every sky scraper starts with a single brick. Take the time to become proficient with your equipment through reading, taking course, and participating in forums. Set goals for yourself with attainable objectives and review your progress along the way. Before long, you will find yourself a master of your skills.

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