Improving Autumn Pictures

The autumn weather is all around, and many of us are heading outdoors to enjoy photographing the beauty of the season. There are lots of tips available to help you capture the best images of the autumn weather, check our previous post for more tips, but you might still find yourself struggling to attain the details of fall in your images. Quickly changing weather, too few leaves, and poor lighting are a few of the many factors that may hinder your fall image. Thankfully there are a variety of software programs you can use to outsmart the limitations of Mother Nature. Try the following tips in Photoshop to create vibrant fall colors in your images and produce truly mesmerizing photos of the season.

One big problem photographers frequently encounter with fall scenes is that the color of the leaves may be not as breathtakingly bright as they had wished. The color of fall leaves is dependent upon weather conditions that year and predicting the color can be nearly impossible. If you have found yourself with an image that lacks the beauty of fall colors, you can use a few tricks in Photoshop to create the illusion of autumn color.

First, you can play with the temperature slide adjustments in Photoshop to create rich shades of fall color on green leaves.  Advance the Temperature Slide forwards, how far depends on your starting image color but try around the area of 6500k. Next you need to create a sense of softness to the image. Duplicate the layer and add Gaussian Blur. You can do this by clicking on Filter, Blur, then Gaussian Blur. Set the slider to somewhere around 30, adjusting as needed to your image In particular. Now you need to make some changes to the levels. Click on Image, Adjustments, then levels, and move the Mid Tone slider to the left. The slider should be set around 2. Then you need to change the Layer Blend Mode by going to the Layers Palette and changing the Layer Blend Mode to Soft Light. Finally you need to add a Layer Mask. Use the Brush Tool to apply the soft focus effect and your image is complete.

If you want an even easier way of adjusting autumn colors, look to using your Color Overlay option in Photoshop. First, you need to duplicate your layer so you can work simultaneously and bring back original details of your image if needed. Next you need to get to the Color Overlay tool. Double click on your top layer to get the Layer Style window to open and click on the Color Overlay tool. You will need to pick a color that you want your leaves to be and then adjust it to look more natural. Do this by changing the Blend Mode to Hue and click on the color to choose the right fall color. Finally, you need to do some cleaning to the colors you added to your picture. If you have areas of unwanted color, simply choose the Erase Tool and brush over the area of unwanted color. The original layer will show back through and your image should be complete.

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