Make Money Through Photography

Photography is a wonderful hobby that is enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Although you don’t need to be wealthy to enjoy photography, it certainly helps when it comes time to purchase equipment. Let’s face it, photography can be quite expensive. So how does a person with limited means acquire new equipment? The answer is simple; sell your photographs! Not only is photography a great hobby, but it can also make you money. Chances are you won’t become rich through photography, but if you are enterprising and patient, you can make enough to support your hobby. Here are a few suggestions to help you turn a profit through photography.Royalty Free Market

There are several ways to sell your photographs. You will first need to build your library to include a variety of images that can be used in a royalty free setting. There are many online venues where you can sell your images through consignment where the host receives a portion of the profit as a broker fee. This process may be slow to produce, but the same photograph may be sold many times over, which means more money for you for a little up-front effort.

Freelance Photography

For those who have a knack for journalism, perhaps freelancing is an option. Freelancing involves photographing events and writing a news story or magazine article about the event. In most cases, you will need to establish a rapport with the venue. It is best to create a diverse, professional portfolio you can present to a prospective client who uses freelance agents. The fees for freelancing varies from client to client, but the fiscal returns are dependent on volume rather unless you are hired by one of the major publishers.

Real Estate

In real estate, photography is a critical part of selling homes and property. First impressions are important and complimentary photographs are essential. You will be best suited to sell your services if you can develop a portfolio before approaching a real estate agent. The downside of real estate photography is your normally won’t get paid until the property sells.

Professional Photography

Becoming a professional photographer is where the most photographers make their money. Photographers can make a decent living photographing weddings, events, school portraits, and sporting events. As your professional photography ventures expand, you will need to purchase equipment and supplies. The saying “it takes money to make money” is very true in photography. The transition from amateur equipment to professional grade is often gradual, but the rewards are greater than the salary. A fortune cookie once told me, a person who makes their living doing what they love never works.

Photo by Phillip Brewer

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