OptimumCS Joins the App Market

The frenzy to create an iPhone app continues with the latest professional photography app to become available. OptimumCS, the Optimum Camera Settings calculator for professional and enthusiast photographers is available now on iPhone and iPod Touch. Particularly designed for landscape, architectural, travel and any other photography where maximum sharpness over a large depth of field is required, OptimumCS determines the camera settings that minimize the combined effects of defocus blur and diffraction in order to achieve maximum image sharpness — the sharpest photographs the laws of physics will allow.

If we shoot at too wide an aperture, we lose image resolution due to defocus blur (the blurring of objects in front of and behind our focus distance); at too narrow an aperture, we lose out due to diffraction (the spreading out of light when it passes through small openings). So we need to know, for the scene we’ve composed and the lens we’re using, what the optimum aperture is. And what the optimum focus distance is. This is where OptimumCS comes in.

The OptimumCS approach is quite different from practices based on the international depth of field standard — the standard behind all depth of field scales. These have the goal of finding the largest aperture that will provide acceptable sharpness on relatively small prints. “That was a perfectly understandable goal back in the 1930s, when film was slow,” says George Douvos, OptimumCs’s developer, “but photography has moved on since that standard was set. OptimumCS brings things into the modern era.”

OptimumCS’s intuitive operation and instant results are geared towards the needs of creative professionals and enthusiasts who don’t want their tools to get in the way of their work or their art. And, since OptimumCS is based on solid, empirically tested optical science, photographers can have full confidence in the results. OptimumCS is available now from Apple’s App Store.

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