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Photography Trends to Watch Out For In 2016

2016 is guaranteed to bring a mix of fresh and old photography trends into fashion. Whether it’s playing with a self-portrait popularly known as the ‘selfie’ or dealing with imagery, this year will offer an array of new techniques as well as some enhanced methods for shaping innovative photography trends to watch out for. From surrealism to the evolved selfie, here are some of the trends that will inspire you this year:

Analogue Photography

This year, print and film photography is making a comeback with a bang. There’s something satisfying about holding a picture in your hands and millennials are returning to the days of print and film photography. The fact that such photos cannot be deleted and are easily stored in the form of photo albums makes it all the more exciting that this trend will be adopted this year. This is why we are not surprised to see that Polaroid is coming out with a wonderful instant camera reminiscing the past with the technology of the present.

As the name suggests, the Polaroid Snap captures your moments and prints the photo. Similar to the analog instant cameras, an optical viewfinder is placed for framing and there is no LCD. Even though, Polaroid has come up with creative digital instant cameras in the past, however, this time it has an enhanced design which promises a lot of fun in 2016.


From wedding photography to journalism, aerial shots are an edge above the conventional photography trends that have been a part of our personal and professional lives. Booming in commercial photography, there is an increased demand of drones to cover all sorts of events and ceremonies.


More generally used in commercial and editorial campaigns, lifestyle photography will extend its dimensions with new and fresh shots that focus more on candid moments rather than forced emotions. Lifestyle photographs will get more creative this year.

Black and White

Classic and timeless, black and white photographs have been in use for quite some time. However, photographers are experimenting with other elements using black and white shades to capture photographs. Some people actually feel they look better in monochrome so it is no surprise that black and white photography is becoming popular again.

Mobile Photography

How can we forget the role a mobile device in capturing images? From photo editing apps to sharing forums like Instagram, Facebook and others, mobile photography is here to stay. Cameras are sure to get better this year on our mobile devices, giving mobile photography a new life with more functionality and editing options. Giving amateurs a chance to be creative with photography, there are tons of resources in the form of courses and books solely dedicated to mobile photography trends. Selfies are about to take a new turn with serious and darker poses.

Photography trends in 2016 will focus more on landscape, neutral shades, dark selfies, Polaroid shots and aerial photography. 2016 is sure to bring a number of creative photography trends with enhanced techniques.

December 9, 2016

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