Stock Photography Tips: Lifestyle Shots Part 2

stockxchng-me_-dressing-stock-photo-by-plethrWhat kind of genres and types of images should you try to take when photographing models for lifestyle shots?  Here are some more ideas on areas that are tried and tested.

1.    Families

Another popular genre is having the family together.  You should for example show different generations – from children to grandparents doing things together.  A classic one is an adult reading to a child or vice versa (good for education articles).  You can also show a family playing together or eating together.

You can also show family at war – remember that any of these kinds of shots take an element of acting and you need to think how emotions can be conveyed with just one photograph – don’t make it too complex.  Dissatisfaction can be expressed easily, with a frown, folded arms etc. Try and place too many elements in the shot and it will look confusing.

2.    Corporate and work images

These are the images you see of people in meetings, people apparently doing their work on a computer, in suits, talking over the water cooler etc.  You don’t need to hire an office to do these shots – quite often you can just focus on a very small area and run with it – for example, someone working on a table with some paperwork.  Keep the shot narrowly framed so that you leave out the clutter but just keep and the paper work in shot

Also think about photographing someone in a suit, smartly dressed. Sometimes that’s enough to convey a corporate image.  Business’s like images of young, attractive people in suits to put on their own websites and documents because it reflects well on their company.

Whenever you are using people in your lifestyle shots you need to be strategic and think about the following things –

1.    Ages

Are the people in your shot age appropriate? No point using someone too young in your corporate office shot but you can get away with using someone a little older.

2.    Diversity

In this day and age people want to get across a sense of diversity by showing people of all different races.  Something to consider if you want your shots to stand out.

3.    Being Modern

As mentioned before, these days there are other areas to look into – the family unit is no longer just about a man, woman and baby – there are adopted children, parents who are younger and older, homosexual relationships and mixed race relationships to think about.  There is demand for images that cater for modern life.

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