Street Photography: Photographing People Part 3

When taking your camera out and about on the street you also need to think about what equipment to take with you – it needs to be fast and light.  On top of this it also needs to be as inconspicuous as you can manage – taking expensive equipment out into urban areas with you is not always the safest thing to do.

Here are some tips for choosing your street photography kit.

1.    Use one body

But take multiple lenses.  This can be easier to carry – just make sure you have enough battery power and memory cards to hand!

2.    Take various lenses

Different lenses can be useful here and it’s useful to know what it is you want to photograph.  Use a telephoto lens if you want to do some interesting long shots and a standard lens if you know you want to photograph portraits.  If you want to move in close use a macro lens – there’s no reason why you can’t carry a variety in your bag.

3.    Take a comfy bag

No use taking your biggest, heaviest camera bag but at the same time, make sure it’s spacious and protective of your equipment. Something you can sling around your body is useful – this way you can wear it all day and not have to put it on the ground for any reason.

4.    Think light

If you are out all day it may seem obvious but it does help to carry a light kit with you. Obviously don’t miss out things that you really want to take with you but don’t over carry items (or leave them in the car if you can).  Things like heavy tripods aren’t always necessary if you are going out and about in the day – take a flashgun with you instead in case of extremely bad lighting conditions.

5.    Backgrounds

It’s nearly impossible to take a light background with you so instead think about places that you can use as a background. Things like plain brick walls work well – you want uncluttered simple background where portraits are concerned.  Otherwise, use your telephoto lens and focus on the subject so that the background is blurred – after all you can’t always choose where you see someone worth photographing~

6.    Take your business cards!

If you don’t have any get some printed. It’s a good idea when approaching strangers to have a business card as it makes you look more professional – if you have a website put this on the card but you don’t need to put personal details on, like your address or your phone number.  Use these as basic contact cards rather than proper business cards – either way it gives people a place to contact you if necessary.

Finally don’t forget to work with the light! Even when you are out and about, and dealing with new people, it helps to keep a cool head.  Remember to avoid flare where you can and use fill in flash if sun is creating harsh shadows on someone’s face.

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