Summer Photography: Holiday Check List

stockxchng-hotel-building-stock-photo-by-scyzaBags packed, passport at hand – what else was there?  Being a photographer on holiday means that you will often want to take all the essentials without being burdened with too much heavy equipment.  With some careful planning, you should be able to travel wisely with your kit, whilst having everything you need at hand.  Here are some hints and tips on what you need to do before you go.
Whilst people take new clothes on holiday all the time, taking your shiny new equipment abroad is not usually a god idea. For one thing you should take items that you are completely familiar with and don’t need to spend time reading the instructions to use.

Next make sure everything is working well.  Clean everything out – the lens, the camera with a brush and blower brush. Get together all the batters you will need – if your camera takes standard batteries then you know you can always buy these whilst you are on holiday.  However, if your camera uses a rechargeable one, you may want to buy a spare – this way, one can always be charging when the other is in use.
Make sure you have an adaptor for the charger.  Memory is also very important – make sure you have enough – one large card is good, but two smaller ones are better.   Smaller memory cards are less likely to become corrupt, and if you lose one, at least you will still have the other.
Remember to check air port regulations since they are strict. Make sure your camera bags fit into the guidelines as you will probably want to carry your equipment on board an aircraft.  Beware – if it is too big to take on as hand luggage they may make you put it into cargo, which is not a good idea.
A quick equipment checklist:
1.    Your camera body and a spare if necessary
2.    A standard lens
3.    A telephoto lens (optional)
4.    A wide angle lens (optional)
5.    Filters
6.    Camera bags – one for all your equipment, one for day outs.
7.    Memory cards
8.    Batteries
9.    Charger for batteries
10.    Cleaning tools
11.    Tripod (optional) or better, a Gorilla pod which is a small tripod that can attach itself anywhere
12.    Travel Guides
13.    Camera manual if necessary
Its also a great idea to take a compact camera for days that you don’t feel like taking your big camera around or when you are out with the family.  Also, if you are going swimming or underwater diving, you may want to buy a single use waterproof camera rather than investing in housing for your SLR.
A notebook is also useful.  Before you go away make a list of the sites you want to see and investigate how you may want to shoot them.  Perhaps see how the landmark has been photographed before and think about how you can do it differently.  Make a note of these places and where they are, how you would get to them, so that you don’t forget to take pictures.
Good luck and have fun!

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