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The 3 camera accessories I didn’t realize I couldn’t live without – Part 1

If you've been into photography for awhile there is an inevitable amount of clutter/junk/"accessories" that just kinds of fills up your camera bag over time. Maybe there's some left-over rolls of film, if you've been into this for quite awhile, or the odd lens cap saving string that never quite stayed stuck on the front of the cap. Perhaps it's that random filter that everyone just said was essential in every photographer's bag, but now you do the same thing in Photoshop.

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Digital Darkroom Tips: Black & White Images

Black and white images look classic and timeless; no wonder so many people choose to take photographs or convert them …

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High and low key black & white photographs

In any photography club, magazine, book or even when a few photographers are just talking, you will hear references to …

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Photography Tips – Taking Black and White photos

When cameras were first invented it was only possible to take black and white images, nowadays however color photos are …

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