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Taking Photographs whilst Travelling Part 2

Whilst many of us will take lots of photographs on holiday, what about making the most of our journey too?  Some of you will only be travelling for a few hours; some will be going across the world.  No matter how long your journey takes you can find a way to get some shots that will give you material for your portfolio.

When traveling if you are struggling to get a sharp image don’t be afraid to emphasize movement.  Use a slower shutter speed and if you can some kind of support – it doesn’t have to be a tripod, you can use a bag for support, a table, a chair, the edge of a seat or someone else!  The key is to get a little movement into your images but not too much so that it ends up being a bit mushy mess.  Experiment as much as you can to make sure you are getting the right amount.

Here are some more tips and ideas for you.

1.    By Boat

Boats are a great way to travel and they give you lots of means to take photographs.  Depending on what kind of boat you are on, you can usually take pictures up on the deck if the weather is nice.  Try to take photographs with a sense of perspective rather than just a picture of the sea – without something else in the shot to keep things in perspective it can look like nothing much at all.

A wide angle lens can be useful when taking pictures of a boat – try and take some interesting shots with your camera lens at its widest and point the camera upwards to get some distorted perspectives.

On a bright day you may still get camera blur as the boat is always moving so use a fast lens if you can, and select a suitable shutter speed.  A polarizer lens really helps you bring out the clouds and contrasts.

2.    By Train

With a train you are usually quite confined to one spot.  Although you can walk up and down a carriage that tends to be it.  In this case, make sure you take picture of the passengers instead.

Use the idea of taking a photo diary of your travels and take pictures of your passengers with black and white photography in mind – quite often the colors on a train aren’t madly interesting anyway.

With the photo diary idea, don’t just photograph people, but also things – did you get a sandwich or a cup of coffee on the train? How can you photograph this to make it look interesting? How about cropping tightly on the image to create a more abstract image or even cropping your portraits of others?

Some trains may allow you to see the driver at his station – you can always ask and see if they will let you see the area and take some photographs.

August 14, 2015

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