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Testimonial 2

Dear Proud Photography,

I very much enjoyed your course. So much so in fact that I decided to start my own business – which for now is just a non-profit company intended for friends and family with intentions to maybe branch out later into a full time career.

I felt half way through that all the material I was learning was tuition that I would really like to return to one day and practice again and now that I have finished I still feel the same way.

I would like your permission to download the lessons and keep practising because this has undoubtedly made me a more confident photographer/person.

A big thank you to Peter Timko for creating such a great course and producing great webinars that can help in a more intimate environment answering personal questions in real-time is a lot better than email ever was.

Thank you to Joshua Leeker for guiding me through the course, giving invaluable feedback and most of all grading my work to a respectable level each time.

Thank you and keep on producing a high standard of tuition.

Aaron Pack Student, Reading, United Kingdom

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