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Testimonial 4

Right after this course, I signed up with PPSOP for their “Mastering Canon Flash”, thinking it would work the same as Proud Photography.  It’s not.  I ended up downloading the lecture information and I read it at my leisure.  The videos were long and boring and the homework given was ridiculous and time-consuming along with deadlines.  I do not earn my living with Photography but I am, what I call, an “Extreme Hobbyist”.  I’ve sold some work but that’s not my goal. However, with everything I learned in this class with Proud Photography, my images have grown exponentially!  I’m VERY proud of ALL my images!  My goal with this class was to get perfect photos straight from the camera and not have to use Photoshop.  I achieved that and am incredibly amazed at my photos every time I load them onto the computer.

Just hoping Proud does a Flash Photography course…hint, hint!

Shana Hofmeister Student

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