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Testimonial 6

As an amateur photographer for almost 40 years, and the past seven as a “professional” (i.e. getting paid to photograph people) I had learned quite a bit about photography (I thought). My on the job training taught me some about using studio strobe lighting and posing for portraits, however, this Proud Photography course gave me even more understanding about photography in general and gave me the incentive to go out and take more photos in many different settings for many different reasons.

I feel I have gained significant knowledge regarding how, when and where to get photographs. The advice in the lessons has also shown me that photography is not a matter of pushing a shutter button, but there is much more to think about and remember. Things like composition within the frame, angle of the shot, color balance, time of day, and most importantly to look at life around us to discover the things we take for granted. Many photographs are missed because we fail to “see” the world as it truly is around us.

I sincerely endorse the course for anyone wanting to improve their photographic abilities. Thanks for giving me the guidance, advice, and encouragement to improve my photographs. I really enjoyed the course and am looking at a few others to improve more. Thank you proudphotography.com!

Charles Church Student, Bradford, PA

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