Turning Pro Part 7: Marketing and placing adverts

stockxchng-business-cards-1-stock-photo-by-ctechsA professional photographer gets work in a few ways but one of the things any pro must do is marketing.  It may sound like a scary term for someone who has never dealt with press or publicity before but it can be quite affordable and very useful for promoting your services.  Here are some ideas on how to start.

Marketing is basically a way for you to get your services notices by people who may want to hire you.  Its best to put one advert out at a time when you start and run them for a period of say, a week and see how many responses, if any, you get.  This brings us to the first point –

1.    Target your market

The mores specific you are the better a result you will get.  Let’s say, you want to put an advert in a major newspaper, national ones as there’s huge circulation.  This doesn’t make sense though – it better to target your work carefully.  If you take mobile family portraits for example, there’s no point adverting in a national paper – after all if someone calls you from a town that is miles away, how will you get there?

You would be better off targeting the kind of publication families will read – magazines or supplements for example, or if you are advertising online, family and parents specific sites.  Women are more likely to plan family portraits for example, so some women’s interest publications could work.

Always think about whom you want to target and if they will see the ad you place in the first place. Otherwise you will be wasting money because newspaper and magazine adverts are not cheap at all.

You can place adverts affordably in:

•    Newspapers
•    Magazines
•    Online Sites
•    Forums (If they allow ads)
•    Classifieds
•    Phone Directories
•    ON notice boards
•    Posting leaflets

2.    Adverts

When placing out adverts think about what kind of ad to use.  In a big expensive newspaper you may only be able to afford a small text ad – is this really useful if you are seeing photography? Won’t people want to see visuals?  Its better to aim for a smaller magazine or paper where you can afford to fit a picture in – people are much more likely to respond to such an advert and notice it in the first place.

Even if you can only have a small advert always make sure that you have the essential details – your website, name and phone number.  It’s also useful to have written down the kind of photography you do and make sure the images you choose match – a wedding photographer should choose a wedding picture for example, even if you think your best photo is one of a flower.  Leave out things like prices – people can get in touch if they want to know more.

October 19, 2009

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