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What You Get

Complete photography learning experience, along with a touch of fun.

tutorsWhy study on your own? We assign a professional photographer to assist you all the way through the course. They are your personal tutors and will help you out whenever you need it. Not only will they answer all your photography-related questions, but also give you constructive critique on the photos you submit for assignments.

tablet-interactive-lessonsEach lesson is packed with bundles of helpful information, which has been specifically designed to teach you the skills required to master your camera and take amazing photos like the professionals do. You’ll get to experience a revolutionary learning program that’s proven to help you achieve the best possible results in a short span of time.

assignmentsWithout practice you simply cannot learn the skills you need to become a better photographer. That’s why we put your skills to the test, that too, on a regular basis by giving you practical assignments and homework in each lesson.

quizzes-photoThere’s absolutely no point in learning something if you’re going to forget it within a matter of days! To ensure each lesson stays fresh in your memory, we actively conduct interactive online quizzes after every lesson.

videos-icon-for-ppOur professional instructors will always do their best to ensure you understand each and every detail before moving forward. This, coupled with videos, will help you understand each segment of the course in more detail.

galleryWe give you a personal gallery with over 1 GB of online storage! With this, sharing, organizing and sending your captured photos to your friends becomes a lot easier. Moreover, the gallery also acts as a backup in case your computer ever goes haywire.

contestA little healthy competition is always fun to experience. Not to mention, it provides you with a platform to showcase your photographic skills, which in turn drives you to work even harder. Therefore, we give our students the opportunity to participate in numerous photography competitions and contests, and win amazing prizes.

guarantee-30-daysIf you’re still doubtful about enrolling with us, perhaps knowing that we offer an unbeatable money-back guarantee could change your mind. This means that if you are unhappy with our courses or think you aren’t making any kind of progress, you have complete freedom to leave without paying us a single penny.

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